The toaster and the wolf: the cover story

My copy of the first edition of your book has a toaster on the cover, but your site, and others show a cover with a wolf. What’s going on?
For the first edition, the first printing came out with the toaster cover. And even though it was released in December 2000, the printing history incorrectly says January 2001. I guess the publisher was not sure it would make it out in December.

O’Reilly has now decided to use animal covers for all their books, including the Java series. So the latest printing has the wolf cover instead. Similar changes will be done to all O’Reilly Java books, and some of them are already out. You can read more about this change at the O’Reilly site, and also let them know what you think about it.

The second edition of the book will have the wolf cover in all printings, unless O’Reilly change their mind again 🙂

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